A motorbike-style leather jacket.

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In modern-day subculture

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Due to its brilliant resistance to abrasion and wind, leather-based discovered a use in rugged occupations. The enduring image of a cowboy in leather chaps gave way to the leather-jacketed and leather-based-helmeted aviator. When motorcycles were invented, a few riders took to carrying heavy leather-based jackets to defend from road rash and wind blast; some also put on chaps or complete leather-based pants to guard the lower frame. Many sports activities nonetheless use leather device. Its flexibility enables forming and shaping it into balls and defensive equipment.


Leather fetishism is the call popularly used to explain a fetishistic enchantment to people carrying leather-based, or in positive instances, to the garments themselves.


Many rock organizations (mainly heavy metallic and punk companies inside the Nineteen Eighties) are well known for sporting leather-based clothing. Leather garb, specifically jackets, are common inside the heavy metallic and Punk way of life. Extreme steel bands (mainly black steel bands) and Goth rock corporations have significant leather apparel.


Many motors and vans include non-obligatory or widespread “leather-based” seating.

Religious sensitivities


In religiously various nations, leather-based carriers commonly make clear the types of leather-based in their products. For example, leather-based shoes endure a label that identifies the animal from which the leather-based got here. This enables a Muslim now not by chance buy pigskin, and a Hindu avoid cattle. Many vegetarian Hindus do not use any kind of leather-based. Such taboos boom the call for for religiously neutral leathers including ostrich and deer.



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