Boundaries Frequently Violated By Pornography

III. Stimulation by using the use of sexually specific art

  • cartoons, comedian strips, doodles
  • drawings, art work
  • sculptures

Elements Frequently Associated with Pornography (from the Wheel of Sexual Compulsion)

  • Sensory (visible)
  • Accomplishment (inside the attempts to find the most stimulating snap shots)
  • Orgasm

Other Behaviors Commonly Found in a Ritualistic Chain in which Pornography is the Primary Behavior

  • Fantasy
  • Masturbation
  • Romantic Delusions

Frequent Cues/Triggers Often Associated With Pornography

  • Life Stressors
  • Emotional imbalance (particularly melancholy, anger, anxiety)
  • Boredom
  • Curiosity
  • Masturbation (when orgasm can’t be carried out without extra stimulation)


  • Self-appreciate (whilst conduct is observed with the aid of guilt/shame)
  • Intimacy (inside the objectification of the humans worried)
  • Autonomy (whilst behavior is compulsive, feeling like lifestyles is out of doors of personal manage)
  • Order (when time spent engaged in pornography interferes with the crowning glory of life dreams, time control)
  • Integrity (while family contributors, coworkers find out your behavior)

s pornography addictive?


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