displayed from the top to the bottom of the web page

The  conventional codecs for each day newspaper comics are strips and unmarried gag panels. The strips are usually
Main article: Gag-a-day
A difference is made among continuity strips that have continuous storylines and gag-a-days wherein the same characters seem in extraordinary humorous situations and not using a ongoing plot. In some instances, a gag-a-day strip may depict completely one of a kind characters every day. Writer-artist Jim Scancarelli tries an overlap by putting every day gags into his Gasoline Alley continuity storylines.

Newspapers can show strips on separate pages randomly or thematically, consisting of placing a sports activities strip at the sports activities page. Initially, a newspaper web page protected handiest a single day by day strip, normally both at the top or the bottom of the page. By the Nineteen Twenties, many newspapers accumulated the strips collectively on a single web page, along side news articles, columns, puzzles and/or other illustrated features. In many newspapers, the width of the strips made viable an arrangement of the strips into two stacks displayed from the top to the bottom of the web page.


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