Featured video can do the equal.


If you create a video that your fanatics love, they may percentage, and after they proportion…

…That will increase the popularity of your web page,

Upload a featured video for your About phase, with a thumbnail it’s larger than the others for your page.


This is a superb manner to promote a new services or products, or perhaps even tease your upcoming event.

For instance, Unicef’s video of the Syrian women who have become quality pals in Austria changed into a featured video.

That makes it much more likely to get clicked and performed by its target audience.

Five. Tell Viewers Something About the Video

Viewers will be much more likely to forestall and watch your automobile gambling video if you provide them a bit of information on what to expect.

You don’t simply must give an explanation for some thing…

…Just make sure it is something with a purpose to intrigue them.

The video under is currently the maximum popular Facebook Live video.

At a primary look it does not seem like something unique.

So, what is the name of the game to it is huge success?

The video creater, Candace Payne prefaced her video with: “It’s the easy joys in existence…” and it’s miles possibly that maximum of the 3 million visitors desired to realize what the ones simple joys had been.

Simple as that.


So, move ahead – offer some context in your video.

Set expectancies for your visitors to keep them intrigued.

  1. Include a Call-to-Action

From a advertising and marketing point of view, one among Facebook video’s maximum beneficial capabilities is the ability to feature a call-to-motion or CTA.

Getting your visitors to do something is, in the end, one of the predominant purposes of advertising.

Many humans don’t know the way to upload a CTA to their Facebook page, even though it’s absolutely quite easy.

In truth, the “Add a Call to Action” alternative will seem with the aid of itself as quickly as you upload a video.


Choose from alternatives such as: “Book Now,” “Shop Now,” and “Learn More.”

You can also use “Watch More” to ship viewers to different movies on your web site.

  1. Leverage Facebook Live

The Facebook Live function has finally given you the possibility to move live occasions with out ever leaving Facebook.

Moreover, you may maximize its advertising and marketing capability at some stage in all ranges of your occasion instruction.


             Start selling your event a few days earlier to make certain that your target market tunes in actual time. You can even build up target audience anticipation via a countdown to your Facebook Live date.

             Do a mock broadcast to get a glimpse of what your audience will see. Make sure your audience might be capable of hear you really and with none distractions.

             Have social media tips in place so that you understand what to do whilst engaging together with your target market all through a live broadcast.

Real Time Broadcast


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