First self-proclaimed image novels

European creators have been additionally experimenting with the longer narrative in comics shape. In the United Kingdom, Raymond Briggs became generating works together with Father Christmas (1972) and The Snowman (1978), which he himself defined as being from the “bottomless abyss of strip cartooning”, even though they, in conjunction with such different Briggs works because the extra mature When the Wind Blows (1982), have been re-advertised as graphic novels within the wake of the term’s reputation. Briggs notes, but, “I don’t know if I like that term too much”.[24]
: 1976–1978[edit]

Bloodstar (1976) by way of Robert E. Howard and artist Richard Corben.
In 1976, the time period “graphic novel” appeared in print to explain three separate works. Bloodstar with the aid of Richard Corben (adapted from a story by using Robert E. Howard) used the time period to define itself on its dust jacket and introduction. George Metzger’s Beyond Time and Again, serialized in underground comics from 1967 to 1972, was subtitled “A Graphic Novel” at the inner name web page whilst collected as a forty eight-page, black-and-white, hardcover ebook posted by Kyle & Wheary.[citation needed]

The digest-sized Chandler: Red Tide (1976) by way of Jim Steranko, designed to be sold on newsstands, used the term “photo novel” in its advent and “a visible novel” on its cowl, although Chandler is more generally considered[citation needed] an illustrated novel than a piece of comics.[citation needed]


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