Fragment of Cuir de Cordoue

The debate on using dressings for upkeep of ebook bindings has spanned numerous many years as studies and experimental proof have slowly amassed. The main argument is, while achieved incorrectly, multiple hazards exist, and whilst completed successfully, little to no upkeep advantage occurs. Pamphlets and suggestions supply numerous downsides to dressings use, which include: the dressing turning into an increasing number of acidic and discolors and stains the leather, oxidizes (penetration and enlargement of oils consisting of displacement and weakening of fibers) and stiffens, depart a sticky floor, collects dirt, wicks into adjoining materials, forms unstable floor spews, encourages organic deterioration and mould boom, blocks surface porosity, impedes similarly remedy, wets and swells the leather-based, impacts floor finishes, and desiccates the leather.[26] Meanwhile, scientific experiments have shown no sizable benefits.[27] The principal authorities at the difficulty, therefore, discourage it, with a caveat for special cases performed underneath the course of a conservator.[22][25][26] Leather can be adorned through a spread of methods, inclusive of pyrography and beading.

Cordwain and Cuir de Cordoue



Cordwain, as soon as a synonym of cordovan (through Old French cordewan) which means “from Córdoba” describes a sure form of fine leather, at the start from Córdoba. Cordwainer continues to be used to describe a person within the career of shoemaking.


The associated time period Cuir de Cordoue refers to painted and gilded (and from time to time embossed) leather-based hangings manufactured in panels and assembled for overlaying partitions as an opportunity to tapestry.


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