Having to deal with urges nearly on a each day foundation

Overall, I suppose this paper proved what I set out to prove. There is never a right time, location, or state of affairs to use pills. Also, nearly all the reasons that teenagers might use drugs are just misconceptions. This doesn’t handiest cross for young adults, although. Many adults use pills, and the equal risks follow to person drug customers.

Well guys..Today has been a real hard one. Worst one but. I need to get excessive so bad it’s now not even funny. I made it well known to my complete own family how I am feeling. Why? Sabotage. I am below a gap light nowadays now. I might by no means try this before. Hell..I am scared to even visit the shop even. They see my truck lacking for a second and they’ll comprehend it. My aunt lives proper at the back of me and my cousin on the subsequent road. LOL. Gotta love em.


Anyway. I actually have this listing on my wall proper in the front of my desk with all of the blessings

and drawbacks of using and now not the usage of. I were staring at all of it day.

So I need to percentage with you all my list. It has been there for months.

I invite all of us to enroll in in and make their very own. You will see what outweighs what.


Ok Here goes….


Using advantages:


  1. Excitement
  2. Forget strain
  3. Kill boredom

four. The buzz

five. No duty

  1. Sometimes amusing
  2. Forget my issues
  3. Getting faraway from it all



Using DISadvantages:


  1. Spend all my cash
  2. Unhealthy

three. Risk my freedom

four. Risking my existence

five. Hanging with dirty humans

  1. Waste gasoline
  2. Waste time

eight. Waste cash

  1. Put myself in chaotic conditions
  2. Disappointment from my family
  3. Loss of employment or overlooked days
  4. Feel like crap

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