How Do We Treat Co-Occurring Disorders With Prescription Drug Abuse?

Our internal medicine body of workers and psychiatrists have massive enjoy helping ladies thru prescription drug withdrawal signs. One of the unique capabilities of a leading residential remedy middle is that we offer 24-hour nursing care. A female dealing with withdrawal, as well as her loved ones, can be assured that her protection may be closely monitored and that group of workers might be aware of her pain or headaches from different health situations. More importantly, our complete personnel gives her with ongoing emotional assist that recognizes the important step she’s taken via committing to treatment and recuperation.

Prescription drug abuse and addiction are serious medical situations that require treatment with the aid of chemical dependency professionals. Reducing one’s use of certain prescriptions can involve critical medical complications, which includes loss of life. Detoxification from prescription drugs should now not be tried at home or without path and supervision from a licensed medical health practitioner. If you or your beloved are involved you may be experiencing prescription drug withdrawal signs, name 911 for emergency assistance.


When treating ladies and ladies for prescription drug dependency, our specialized remedy group at Timberline Knolls Residential Treatment Center never assumes they are treating an remoted disease. Frequently, long-time period abuse of prescription medicines progresses from attempts through a girl:

  • Manage ache or other signs and symptoms from acute injuries or chronic scientific conditions
  • Reduce emotions of hysteria or melancholy worsened by using underlying psychiatric conditions that we confer with as co-occurring problems
  • Soothe intense feelings related to unresolved, stressful studies in her past

Co-happening problems describe a situation wherein prescription drug addiction exists in conjunction with at the least one more psychiatric infection that is active and affects the consumer’s styles of substance abuse. Co-occurring disorders are a extensively recognized component among prescription drug abusers. However, many clinical and behavioral health specialists, who’re in general concerned with addressing the prescription drug dependency, do now not continually treat these complicated conditions appropriately. Medical researchers have found that a large percentage of these who’ve an addiction to pharmaceuticals also have at least one more intellectual infection, ingesting disease and/or character ailment. Women with co-occurring issues generally tend to have more severe signs of every infection and higher capability for relapse.


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