Leather, Innovation and Marketing

The goal of the leather-based cost chain scoping tour became to offer contributors with first-hand experience of the leather sector, to evaluate its performance and identify the help that needs to be to be had via the approach, in addition to new investment and enterprise opportunities.


The scoping tour approach is part of ITC’s technique to assist focus constructing, implementation commitment and useful resource mobilisation. It brings strategies to existence via allowing beneficiaries and local stakeholders to show exactly how their quarter is performing. It is likewise a sensible manner of permitting donors to undertake rapid desires exams.


Hopewell Zheke, Programme Team Leader, Practical Action, said: “The scoping tour has furnished us with an opportunity to apprehend the leather-based area and the strategy thru real-life examples of ways the world is acting. In my expert lifestyles, I even have had the opportunity to peer many strategies designed, developed and released, however I assume this strategy ranks some of the pinnacle 3, if now not the nice, in phrases of the manner it’s far dependent. To me, it’s miles very realistic and we can start to put into effect from nowadays.”

Quite a curious cocktail you might imagine.  But from the first days to the prevailing days almost every hide and skin that comes from an animal ends up supporting to stay and revel in our day by day existence. From the first sheet cloth that mankind had to be had while we stopped bing apes and began to stand upright thru to the fabric for the seating on a expensive vehicle leather has been there for us. Longlasting, enhancing in individual over the years leather-based has been a valuable, sustainable useful resource in a world that has turn out to be short term and disposable.


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