Look and sense grimy


  1. Dont sleep for days
  2. Dont devour for days
  3. Neglect hygeine
  4. Dont pay my bills
  5. Look and act silly
  6. Always paranoid someone goes to break in my residence and harm my grams
  7. Hallucinations after a few days
  8. Chronic coughing afterwards
  9. So tired after
  10. Takes for ever to return down and calm down
  11. Having to begin over
  12. Shame
  13. Depressed reall bad for about per week after
  14. Feeling nugatory
  15. Never satisfied…Need an increasing number of
  16. The high is by no means “THEE” one





NOT the usage of benefits:


  1. I am happier
  2. My circle of relatives is happier

three. Gain my familys accept as true with

four. Healthier

  1. Have cash
  2. Can save money
  3. Look and experience so much higher
  4. More best time with my family

nine. My bills are paid

  1. Can make it to paintings and paintings at full potential
  2. I am right here for my grams
  3. Not setting pressure on my grams
  4. Feel like someone with a motive
  5. More targeted
  6. No legal troubles

sixteen buy generic synthroid. No tension or melancholy

  1. Can enjoy the simple matters in lifestyles



NOT the usage of DISadvantages:

  1. Miss the exhilaration
  2. Miss old buddies that use or deal

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