Diving equipment is equipment used by underwater divers to make diving sports viable, less complicated, safer and/or extra cozy. This may be device in most cases intended for this motive, or gadget supposed for different functions that is determined to be appropriate for diving use.

The fundamental item of diving system utilized by divers is underwater respiratory equipment, including scuba equipment, and floor supplied diving equipment, but there are different critical pieces of system that make diving safer, greater convenient or greater green. Diving device utilized by leisure scuba divers is mainly non-public gadget carried by way of the diver, however professional divers, especially when operating within the surface supplied or saturation mode, use a huge amount of aid equipment no longer carried by way of the diver.

Equipment that is used for underwater work or other activities which is not without delay related to the activity of diving, or which has now not been designed or modified mainly for underwater use by using divers is excluded.

Classes of underwater respiration equipment[edit]

  • Surface furnished diving[1] – commonly utilized in professional diving. This class includes:
  • Surface orientated surface supplied diving (Bounce diving), in which the diver starts offevolved and completed the dive at ordinary atmospheric pressure.
  • Saturation diving, in which the diver remains underneath stress in an underwater habitat or saturation unfold among underwater excursions.
  • Standard diving get dressed – typically used in professional diving. Mainly of ancient interest now.
  • Airline or Hookah diving.
  • “Compressor diving” – a rudimentary shape of surface provided diving used inside the Philippines by using artisanal fishermen.

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