Safety is Important


  • Diving helmets are often used with floor supplied diving. They provide the equal advantages as the whole face mask but offer a completely relaxed connection of the gasoline deliver to the diver and additionally defend the head.
  • Underwater writing slates and pencils are used to transport pre-dive plans underwater, to record records whilst underwater and to aid conversation with other divers.
  • Torches or flashlights are critical for safety in low visibility or dark environments consisting of night diving and break and cave penetration. They are useful for conversation and signalling each underwater and on the floor at night time. Divers want synthetic mild even in shallow and clean water to show the crimson give up of the spectrum of mild that is absorbed as it travels through water.
  • Hand-held sonar for a diver.


  • Diver’s protection harness, to which a lifeline can be attached, along with Bell harness, AR vest, Jump jacket.
  • Lifeline (or tether): A line from the diver to a soft at the surface control point, which can be used for:
  • communications, by using diving line alerts,
  • to permit the diver to be found by means of the stand-via diver following the road,
  • to offer a tenet to the floor manipulate point to manual the diver on go back,
  • to help the diver to keep function in a contemporary,
  • in an emergency, to recover the diver to the surface, and
  • in some instances elevate the diver out of the water.
  • Shotline: A line connecting a shot weight to a marker buoy, used to mark a dive website online and provide a vertical reference for descent and ascent.
  • Buddy line: A short line or strap connecting divers inside the water, used to save you them from being separated in poor visibility and for communication by way of line signals.

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