So a HUGE thanks to you all. GDS does now not exist without you


I also want to renowned the implausible assist that each one our partners and the instructional community and harm reduction businesses round global provide with revising and translating the survey then running so carefully with all our media partners. In particular, I want to renowned the important function that Dr Jason Ferris, our leader biostats man, has supplied with the analysis and manufacturing of news. Thanks mate

Well working our manner from the extra commonplace to much less typically used tablets these are a number of thrilling matters we determined out



Ireland’s reputation for heavy ingesting is properly deserved. Not only did Ireland have better fees of drinkers vulnerable to dependence (AUDIT rating of 20 or more), they document desiring to drink greater alcohol than almost another u . S . To get as inebriated as they might need to be but they also had the very best rates of getting extra drunk greater frequently than they wanted to, thinking their health practitioner would tell them to drink less, attending A&E after ingesting greater regularly and possibly fortuitously the highest share of drinkers who want to drink less inside the coming year

But the Irish stereotype apart (Australia, Netherlands, UK and NZ you may’t smile) I changed into struck by using 2 things

There is NOT a fine line between getting as under the influence of alcohol as you’ll need get and being extra under the influence of alcohol than you need. It’s about a 30% line (see the graphs under). Now no longer handiest is the mean amount of alcohol about 90gm for ladies and 120mg gm for guys – about five times above what the WHO advocate as the maximum amount to drink on a days


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