Surface detection aids

  • Jonline: A quick line or webbing strap to tether the diver to the shotline in a modern-day.
  • Surface marker buoy, which suggests the placement of the divers to humans at the floor.
  • DSMB – (Delayed, or deployable surface marker buoy), which is inflated at the start of, or at some point of the ascent, to suggest the location of the divers to the surface group, and as a signal that the divers are ascending.
  • Cutting tool
  • Knife to reduce strains, nets or to pry or dig. Can also be used for non-public protection towards underwater predators if wanted. However, this latter use isn’t always encouraged, as it’s miles generally useless.
  • Diver’s net or line cutter. This is a small hand held device carried with the aid of scuba divers to extricate themselves if trapped in fishing net or fishing line. It has a small sharp blade including a replaceable scalpel blade inside the small notch. There is a small hollow at the opposite end to for a lanyard to tether the cutter to the diver.
  • Trauma shears. Very powerful as a line cutter, with low chance of inadvertent damage or damage. Usually carried in a pocket or special purpose sheath.
  • Automatic diver recovery devices

urface detection aids[edit]

The purposes of this class of private gadget are to:

  • allow the aid boat to display and locate divers on the surface in the course of or after a dive
  • save you the diver being struck by way of boat site visitors
  • mark the diver’s position while flow diving or even as at the decompression prevent
  • assist rescue services in lifeboats and helicopters to locate the diver



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