That is precisely where the enemy wants us

A secret sin

Research suggests the pornography plague is pervasive both outside and inside the Church. David Blythe, author of ‘Secret in the Pew – Pornography in the Lives of Christian Men’ says: “There are secrets and techniques sitting inside the pews of our churches. This secret is a hidden way of life of sexual preoccupation and perversion in the lives of Christian men. It is fuelled by means of ordinary intake of one of the most adverse forces of our time – pornography. Pornography has created this type of stronghold in the Body of Christ that many have grow to be neutralised from being of any form of pressure for the Kingdom of God.


That is precisely where the enemy wants us – to be of no hazard to him and his paintings.” It is envisioned only ten percentage of porn addicts confess their addiction. That leaves ninety percent of victims who either deny they have a problem or have now not yet known their enslavement to porn. Tragic as pornography dependancy is, the greater tragedy is the Church’s failure to well known this ambitious hazard to marriage and the own family. Most guys, girls and teens, who battle with pornography addictions, achieve this in silence because of the shame and stigma connected to it. This self imposed alienation compounds the hassle due to the fact the energy of sin lies in its secrecy.



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