The Disadvantages of Understanding Addiction as a Disease

In the news media the standard expert describes addiction as a sickness. Often those specialists paintings at dependancy treatment facilities. It might be clean to finish that experts agree that addiction is hereditary, incurable and lifelong. In the addiction field this view is referred to as the “disease version.” In reality there is sizeable war of words about the ailment model, but the scientists and professionals who view addiction in other approaches do now not receive the same media insurance. Why alternatives to the disease version (there are numerous) do now not get more publicity is a story in itself. However, this newsletter will attention on two reasons no longer to understand dependancy as a disorder.

The first drawback of the ailment model is that, for individuals with dependancy problems, it is distracting. If I drink too much alcohol, my interest could great be focused on what I need to do approximately this conduct. By focusing on decreasing or preventing my drinking, possibly I may be successful by myself, or recognize that I want to get out of doors help. However, if as an alternative I spend my time wondering approximately whether I am an “alcoholic,” I am now not doing something positive to cope with my troubles. Wondering whether or not I am an alcoholic distracts me from simply resolving my drinking troubles. Although it could seem foolish (in case you don’t have ingesting problems) to spend it slow thinking about this trouble, many those who drink an excessive amount of achieve this. Unfortunately, the conclusion reached is some thing like this: “Even although I drink too much, I’m not truly an alcoholic, so I don’t need to worry about it. Only alcoholics actually need to make adjustments. I’m just someone who drinks an excessive amount of.”

This perspective does no longer make any sense, however it’s far very commonplace. The heavy drinker can conceal at the back of the conclusion of “not being a real alcoholic,” and keep away from alternate. It seems that no matter how heavy my drinking, there are others who drink extra or have more problems from alcohol. I can consider them as alcoholics, but no longer me! In reality, some thing amount I drink might purpose issues, depending on situations. I would do better to cope with my consuming without delay, and not be concerned about whether or not the label alcoholic (or addict) is the proper one for me.


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