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Diving gloves, along with wetsuit gloves and dry gloves, mitts, and three-finger mitts

  • Diving hoods
  • Diving boots – With dry fits, the boots are normally integrated.
  • Safety helmet for scuba diving. (Not part of the respiratory equipment.)
  • Diving chain mail can be used as protection against bites by using huge marine animals
  • Diver’s cages can be used as protection against massive predators

Equipment for dive tracking and navigation[edit]

  • Depth gauge shall we the diver screen depth, mainly maximum depth and, when used with a watch and Decompression tables, additionally allows the diver to screen decompression necessities. Some digital intensity gauges additionally indicate ascent charge that’s an essential component in avoiding decompression illness
  • Pneumofathometer is the floor supplied diving intensity gauge which presentations the intensity of the diver on the surface manipulate panel.
  • Dive Computer allows the diver to avoid decompression illness by way of indicating the decompression stops needed for the dive profile. Most dive computer systems also imply intensity, time and ascent charge. Some additionally indicate oxygen toxicity exposure and water temperature.
  • Diving watch is used with depth gauge for decompression monitoring when using decompression tables.
  • Compass for underwater navigation.
  • Submersible stress gauge, additionally called a “contents gauge” is used to screen the closing respiration gasoline deliver in scuba cylinders.
  • Distance line or “come-domestic-line” can used to manual the diver lower back to the start point and safety in bad visibility.
  • A cave line is a line laid by a diver at the same time as penetrating a cave to ensure that the way out is thought. Permanent cave strains are marked with line markers at all junctions, indicating the direction alongside the line towards the closest exit.


  • Mask permits the diver to see virtually underwater and protects the eyes.
  • Full face mask protects the face from dirty or bloodless water and increases protection through securing the gasoline deliver to the diver’s face. If it contains no mouthpiece, the diver can speak allowing the use of communications system.

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