What is Our Approach to Detoxification, Withdrawal and Pain Management?

A woman’s experience at Timberline Knolls Residential Treatment Center can also vary dramatically from other drug rehab facilities or substance abuse treatment applications she has attended inside the beyond. That is by layout.

Comprehensive, Integrated Treatment and Recovery

There isn’t any cure for dependence on prescription drugs.

Every lady getting better from prescription drug abuse must broaden equipment she will agree with to assist her work thru both bodily and emotional ache while she feels desire to misuse medicines. We paintings with our residents help them learn how to apprehend emotional adjustments and become aware of the conscious alternatives they may be making throughout their day. Our caring group of workers gives constant aid as ladies learn to use new equipment in conditions wherein they could have previously abused pharmaceuticals. As they advantage self assurance of their capacity to make tremendous, healthful picks, ladies enjoy stepped forward self-esteem and frame popularity, decreased stress and anxiety, recuperation of trauma, and elevated self-recognition.

Comprehensive and individualized addiction treatment plans use processes verified to assist ladies learn to enjoy their feelings and expand the equipment to get over prescription drug dependency. Specific examples encompass:

  • one-on-one therapy sessions
  • expressive and experiential remedy
  • training about disorder tactics and healing
  • meal support and regular session with dietary group of workers
  • group periods to teach and practice conduct amendment and emotion management
  • circle of relatives remedy (consisting of circle of relatives participation)
  • twelve-step facilitation
  • onsite and offsite twelve-step conferences
  • weekly psychiatric consultation
  • trauma recognition and restoration
  • instructional offerings for school-age women

Expressive Therapy Provides a Productive Outlet for Complex Emotions

Expressive remedy has been clinically established to promote healing and recovery, further to providing a wished innovative outlet for girls throughout their treatment and after they return to their domestic environment. Our expressive remedy application consists of a selection of retailers a girl can pick based on her non-public interests:

  • art remedy in a historical art studio that supports painting, sculpture and different media
  • dance/motion therapy
  • empowerment institution (experiential trauma recuperation)
  • out of doors exercise which includes volleyball, basketball, football, badminton or gardening on our forty three acre campus


Successful prescription drug abuse and dependancy remedy need to take into account more than simply the causes of the chemical dependency. Treatment have to also deal with the scientific demanding situations a woman will face as she tries to curtail long-time period abuse of pharmaceuticals. Her safety is our first priority. Depending at the medicinal drugs she’s abusing, her styles of use, and the country of her fitness, she might also require medically controlled detoxing.


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