What Will You Experience At Our Treatment Center?

Before Admission

Assessment of a girl’s treatment wishes starts early on in our admissions assessment system. We ask both the female and her family to provide statistics approximately her drug abuse signs and symptoms, resources of pain, and challenges in private or professional relationships. We additionally request her permission to communicate with preceding addiction remedy carriers to accumulate additional facts about medical records, psychiatric records, beyond substance abuse treatment development, and stumbling blocks to reaching or retaining recuperation from dependence on pharmaceuticals.

Thorough Intake Assessment

Once she is admitted, every female undergoes a complete scientific and psychiatric assessment. She is then assigned a substance abuse remedy group with numerous participants whom she will meet for my part after she settles in on campus:

  • Primary therapist
  • Family therapist
  • Psychiatrist (MD)
  • Internal medication physician (MD)
  • Addiction expert
  • Registered dietician (RD)

Each remedy team member offers an evaluation within the lady’s first days at Timberline Knolls. The findings are incorporated and reviewed with our complete scientific staff, such as different therapists and psychiatrists. As a result, our full understanding about successful prescription drug dependancy remedy is integrated into every female’s treatment plan.

Taking Ownership of Treatment

We accept as true with it is critical for every female to take ownership of her remedy and healing from the outset. Once her dependancy remedy plan is formulated, our group’s guidelines are shared with the lady in her first care convention, on the way to consist of her number one therapist, family therapist, psychiatrist, discharge planner, nursing team of workers and hotel staff. This cooperative method gives her input into the dreams for her treatment and lets in her to pick out numerous elective elements of her program. She will be requested to log off on her remedy goals and the progression of her treatment plan for prescription drug abuse or dependancy, and any co-occurring issues. This convention also units level for ongoing collaboration between the woman and her treatment team at some point of her live in residential treatment.

Looking Forward to Recovery

Following the initial care convention, the treatment crew will meet weekly all through the resident’s stay, and consult each other informally to monitor her development and to make sure her restoration wishes are being completely supported. If new symptoms seem, a female may additionally undergo extra psychological testing or scientific assessment to insure her prescription drug dependancy treatment considers all applicable components of her health.

Additionally, girls with different scientific signs and symptoms or complications from prescription drug dependancy or consuming problems can be referred to consulting healthcare vendors consisting of a neurologist, orthopedic health practitioner, cardiologist, gynecologist, dentist, or gastroenterologist.



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